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focusTerra, the Earth Science Research and Information Centre of ETH Zurich, has the following aims:

  • to promote the understanding, discovery, and enjoyment of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • to share our knowledge of the origin, history, and dynamics of planets
  • to inform our visitors about the role and relevance of Earth's natural resources in daily life

focusTerra's museum aims to engage a diverse audience

  • by displaying authentic scientific specimens
  • by providing dynamic, modern, interactive, as well as traditional exhibits and displays
  • by providing free admission, low cost events, and tours;
  • by providing visitor experiences that are tailored to accommodate a variety of special needs, abilities, and languages.


focusTerra aims to provide inspiration through knowledge and encourage responsible engagement with the natural world.

View of the Museums tower and lobby  
Image: A. Danieli, La Salle – international team Photo 3-D
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