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Collage with crystal and view into exhibition  
Image: Radek Brunecký

focusTerra is an inspiring new museum which explains in an easily understandable way the geologic processes in and on our planet. It displays exciting aspects of the Earth and shows how earthquakes are triggered, what makes volcanoes erupt, where gems come from and what fossils tell us about the origin of life. The exhibit also explains how the Alps came to be and what the climate was once like in the past.

The dynamic Earth affects our whole lives. The visitor approaches this dynamic system on the first exhibition level of focusTerra where the internal structure of the Earth is described and processes like earthquakes, geomagnetism, volcanic eruptions, mountain building, and rock deformation are explained. On the second and third levels, visitors can discover the many treasures of the Earth by viewing an archive that spans millions of years. The formation of crystals, the nature and origin of gems and minerals, and the development of sediment formations are explained. Unique crystal groups, fascinating fossil plants, and impressive landscape reliefs are only a few of the aesthetic highlights of focusTerra!

Using media stations the burning issues of climate change, acute and long-term geologic hazards, the use of energy and other resources as well as the role of geosciences in tunnel construction and the disposal of hazardous waste are discussed.

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